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Total Business Management

for starters

- Have more control
- Secure your business data
- Have less risk of business interruption
- Monitor cash flow in real time
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Cloudware Multi-Lingual Interface (MLI)

Providing translation into any language, eliminating the need
for a separate translation tool.

Providing ‘real-time’ translation.

Translation of completed system documents ready for transmittal
to the end user in their own language.

Analytic Instrumentation

More Detail

Cloudware now raises the bar even higher as the first adopter in the industry of the very latest in experiential user analytics instrumentation.* This forward-looking innovation will offer customers enhanced evidence of compliance, options for procedural supervision, and collection of actionable management data. The xAPI will also enable better management of staff development, task assistance and training requirements. Employees can be recognized for their expertise and diligence, and CEOs will have reassurance about day-to-day operations and therefore more opportunity to focus on optimization.
* Cloudware Lumos is an adopter of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL) Experience API specification (xAPI also known as 'TinCan').

Lumos Audit Dump

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The Audit Dump allows the company to give auditors just the information they need without giving them global access to the general accounting system data and necessitating a search for the information required. This makes it easier for the inspector and restricts the access allowing employees to continue their work in a normal environment. The program will gather and organize every element of the data required by an auditor for each specific query. A benefit of the Audit Dump is that it limits the distractions caused by the presence of an outside influence by presenting a table of numerical answers without internal calculations, allowing the audit to be conducted in a remote location ``with the minimum of invasion and interruption to (the) business.``

Multi-Lingual Interface

More Detail

All of the Cloudware Lumos programming is inclusive of the Multi-Lingual Interface and the use of 'true' translation. The innovation of MLI is a key ingredient in that it makes Cloudware Lumos a global force. From the main access menu of the system a company home office can select the desired language that the system will operate in. This function will also allow employees to work in alternate languages and currencies that are appropriate to overseas clients. Currency exchange rates are directly linked to external conversion programming and are applicable to each individual transaction. Subsidiaries and branch offices in foreign locations can also conduct their affairs in the language of their country, with data being translated back to the main office in the 'home' language for continuity of data.

Total Business Management -
A Unique, Complete Solution

The Cloudware Lumos Product line is the only business management and accounting software on the market today that can offer small, medium and large companies an integrated and comprehensive solution for their operational and management needs.  Cloudware Lumos can give business almost every tool that it will need to run its operations and administration, while still integrating existing enterprise solutions where required or desired.

The Lumos platform is built to support multiple concurrent users running your company in any industry and across multiple locations, languages and currencies, as needed.

Cloudware Lumos Description Mind Map

Organizing Cloudware Concepts

A detailed Mind Map containing an Overview Description of the Cloudware Lumos platform and a deep dive to all details and background is available here.

This object is intended to fully describe the attributes of the Cloudware Lumos platform products within the context of known customer needs and current technology trends and indicate the way in which Cloudware approaches the development challenge.

Cloudware Lumos Software Flow Mind Map

Software Concepts

Click to view a fully expanded mind map of the Lumos Platform Software Flow.

This comprehensive view of the Lumos software suite includes many screenshots of the User Interface and a description of the relationship between the various modules.

The topic notes also describe the common user workflows.

Total Business Management - Built for Today's Business World

Lumos Platform by Cloudware is a thin-client server-based infrastructure open to all workstations and mobile devices providing highly secure and concurrent access to company data in real-time and backed-up within the cloud.

Lumos includes a Multi-Lingual Interface and xAPI Experiential Analytics, and can be customized to meet the requirements of any business, regardless of size, industry, language requirements and currencies. Workflows are improved while reducing IT costs for an enhanced ROI.

Cloudware’s Lumos Platform is written as a business event-driven and data-driven application, as opposed to a program-driven application, resulting in the same data being seen by all users in the system at any time. Upgrades and updates to the platform are done quietly and seamlessly in the cloud, with no additional charges or disruption to the users.

Lumos Platform – an ‘operating system’ for businesses:

  • The system resides on a remote server, so there is no software to load on any computer or office network.
  • For each company, users have their own data partition so that collaborative working is correctly supported without conflicts between users working in the same module and performing the same task.
  • Lumos Platform is fully functional on any computer, laptop, notebook, tablet, or mobile device regardless of the operating system for that device and can be used from anywhere there is an Internet connection, including 3G, 4G and LTE cellphone networks.
  • Lumos is accessed through a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), providing additional data security in avoiding the use of varying browser-based security layers.

Cloudware Product Line

CloudBooks PRO for CPAs

From the basic Lumos (“CloudBooks”) Full Accounting package, Lumos Pro was developed to enable CPAs and professional accounting firms to manage a larger portfolio of clients from a central control panel. For the first time multiple clients can be serviced without various accounting product versions and consequent data migration requirements.


CloudBooksTBM supports any size of business operation

Lumos Platform is the Total Business Management solution integrating all aspects of accounting, finance, business administration and management. Customers will need no other software tools to run their business, though existing software can also be integrated via the CloudBooks API if needed. Lumos supports international commerce through its proprietary Multi-Lingual Interface. Experiential Data Analytics (xAPI) provide in‑depth insight into a variety of business operations and trends allowing enhanced business development and evidence of compliance.

CloudBooks Full Accounting Package


All Lumos products in the Cloudware product line can be customized to meet and exceed the requirements of any industry and style of business.


Integrated, efficient Cloud solutions


Your company’s bottom line is increased in terms of productivity, enhanced control and above all, freedom from application-driven friction and the need for internal application IT support – which can be redirected to innovation within, and optimization of, the business.


Early Participation Opportunity

With Lumos, our simple, intuitive cloud-based platform, Cloudware is perfectly Dollars in the cloudpositioned to become a leading provider of business management and accounting solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As development of our software nears completion and we begin the process of taking our unique solution to market, we are positioned for significant growth and expansion in the months and years to come.

Our pre-revenue investment phase is concluding, you may now
request beta-test and rollout participation.

More information:

Call us for a demonstration of Cloudware Lumos at +1 (407) 442-0894 or email

Clients & Testimonials

Strong relationships with our clients helps us to really understand their business objectives, then meet, and go above and beyond their expectations.

I have been using Cloudware's accounting system to administer and run my business since April, 2011 This system is extremely reliable and I have found no significant problems in using this program, in fact I would say it is very user friendly and I, and my staff were able to master the rudiments of this system in less than one day.

avatar-blankFrank Murphy, CEOFrank Murphy Graphics, Inc.

My company has been using Cloudware's accounting system for the finances of my business since January, 2012. The ``CloudBooks`` programming is robust, reliable and well written. We were able to customize the programming to the needs of our industry and have had no significant problems. Most of our work is done away from the office environment so it has been really useful to be able to do our estimating and billing while being with a customer, instead of doing it at the end of the day. Also, we have found that the routing and optimization has been a boon to our work, improving our efficiency and profitability. I would be pleased to recommend the Cloudware products to any business.

avatar-blankEric Smith, President/CEOTermite Lawn & Pest, Inc


In use since January 2011, my company has been using the Lumos (``CloudBooks``) finance and accounting system to administer and run our business. We have found this system to be innovative and extremely robust and reliable. Being the first company to sign up for this programming we went through various stages of development and have always been updated seamlessly with the most current version of the system. One of the things we most like about ``CloudBooks`` is the ‘Audit Dump’. We underwent a DCAA regulatory audit using this program and found that it was easy to setup and also that we were actually able to pass this governmental audit with the minimum of invasion and interruption to our business. We would be more than happy to recommend Cloudware to any company that is looking to improve the way that they take care of their administration and finances.

Oliver Edwards, President - Zyberwear, Inc.

A-Match Pictures LLC has been using CloudBooks to administer the accounting and finances of our business since September 2011. We have found the system to be reliable and it was easily adapted to our specific business needs without difficulty. The system is simple and very easy to use, and we have found that it also produces everything required by our company CPA for financial and tax reporting. It would be our pleasure to be able to recommend the Lumos accounting system to any business looking to start out, or change the system they have.

avatar-blankM. Campbell, Managing PartnerA-Match Pictures LLC