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CloudBooks by Cloudware … Identity Crisis?

In October 29, 2014

CloudBooks Identity Crisis


I had a meeting with my partner, Ian Gibson, and one of the topics that came up in discussion was the identity of our CloudBooks products, and were we sending the right message. This caused me to take a step back and give the matter some serious thought…I went back to an earlier blog I had written, ‘The Story of CloudBooks’ and when I read it through I realized that I had, once again, succumbed to my ego.

So, thinking about the message in the blog piece I found the following:

  • For a potential investor looking to put money into the completion of our projects the emphasis placed on the CloudBooks name was not good at all. It tended to make the investor think of our products as an accounting software program, and why would they get excited about putting their hard-earned money into something that was just another software program in an industry that was becoming increasingly more crowded.
  • For the potential customer/client the question needs to be asked…’Why would I change from QuickBooks to CloudBooks’ and the answer is not easy from their perspective. QuickBooks has been around a long time and it is the obvious leader, CloudBooks sounds too similar in name and there is nothing in that name that makes it stand out. Answer to the question…’I’ll stay with what I know’.

Disturbing thoughts, but inspirational at the same time.

True, CloudBooks was originally conceived to be in direct competition to QuickBooks but it quickly became so much more. In reading back through my earlier blog I realized that I had got it all wrong, and that from the standpoint of today’s position of our software programming I had driven my article in reverse.

Don’t misunderstand me…the story is accurate but the message is garbled:

  • CloudBooks is a name that does not truly represent what we have and who we are, because we have actually spent the last four and one half years building a Total Business Management Platform (TBM). Now TBM has become the only software programming that a business will EVER need to manage its financial and administrative operations, plus so much more.
  • Does TBM have a full accounting suite – sure, but all versions of the TBM platform have Contact Management (CRM), Document Management, Interactive Calendar and Message Center as part of the initial package, along with the proprietary Audit Dump, Multi-Lingual Interface and xAPI Experiential Analytics Instrumentation.
  • Also available with TBM are add-ons such as Shopping Cart Integration, GPS Tracking, Scheduling and Routing, Web-Cam Security, Collections, Point of Sale (POS), Bar Coding, and more.

TBM Platform


So, back to the original thoughts that prompted me to write this, should we continue to confuse everybody else and shoot ourselves in the foot at the same time by continuing to promote CloudBooks, or should we change direction and become TBM Platform.



  • From the perspective of sales and marketing I believe that a Total Business Management platform has a much stronger appeal to a business looking to have more control over their finances and administration. TBM is different enough to where it would promote more thought and interest in a business community that is seeking to make changes for the better.
  • From an investment perspective it seems apparent that investors are looking to put their money into something that is out in the ‘Clear Blue Water’, something that nobody else has, and that has meaning and substance. TBM would clearly fit this category and it would be easy for people looking to invest to see where the ROI would come from.

There is obviously more to say on this subject, and I will at a later date, but for now let me simply say that I am leaning toward making the change from CloudBooks to TBM Platform…so, keep watching this space for more.

Thank you.

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