Cloudware and Total Business Management

The Cloudware products have been developed using the names Lumos, Lumos Pro and Lumos Platform. This series of programmed systems are housed on remote servers and connect through the cloud universally. Requiring no software to be installed on local computers, servers, or networks, the Cloudware Lumos products use secure access architecture and protocols including RDC (Remote Desktop Connection).

Lumos allows the users to conduct their daily business and enter information into their total business management platform from any location, and will enable them to be in touch with their office from wherever they are. It is available absolutely anywhere there is an Internet connection, and there is almost always cellular 3G or 4G, if Wi-Fi is not available.

Lumos gives the business owners and their staff total mobility. Business can be conducted from anywhere and salesmen can sell to clients in any location, and in “real time”. Access to the Lumos systems is available 24/7 and is not dependent on any specific user computer hardware or operating system.

CPAs, independent accountants and bookkeepers, whose business foundation is built around a core of full service clients with accounting and bookkeeping services, stand to gain in that they can administer their clients from wherever they are, without having to travel needlessly to a client’s location to do the basic work.

Difference Makers:New Ideas and Direction

For almost five years Cloudware has been designing, mapping, planning and programming a cloud server-based, total business management platform that will satisfy the growing number of malcontents that exist among the users of the current cluster of accounting programs. Through our development we are able to initiate:

  • Multiple users working in the same system module and performing their tasks at the same time with no conflicts,
  • Making changes to system preferences without having to revert to single user mode to do so,
  • Having all employees, clients, subsidiaries and branches on the same system at the same time, again with no conflicts,
  • Access data from any Internet connected location, any Wi-Fi device using standard platform and tools,
  • Working with any Operating System, allowing users to be connected with no compatibility issue or specialized hardware requirements,
  • An “Audit Dump” program that allows the user organization to deal with any external, or regulatory audit without interruption in the workplace,
  • Multi-level security,
  • A Multi-Lingual Interface that allows for companies to communicate and do business in any country, in any language and in any currency by using form, text and currency translation in real time.
  • Analytics Instrumentation, a forward looking innovation that will offer users enhanced evidence of compliance, options for procedural supervision, and collection of actionable management data.

Why Lumos:

  • Allows multiple simultaneous users
  • User and role based permissions
  • Includes the application(s) and includes all future upgrades – FREE
  • Includes unlimited backup – FREE
  • No software; no work for IT personnel, hardware or servers
  • A low startup cost, a lower ongoing cost
  • Automate posting, payments, tasks, inventory
  • Access data from any Internet connected location – Use of any Wi-Fi device
  • Standard platforms and tools – no OS compatibility issue or specialized hardware
  • Unlimited user licenses available
  • Hosted service, automated backup
  • Multi-level security


What we have achieved at Cloudware is to build an “operating system” for business management and accounting, and the advantages that we offer are:

  1. A secure link to the server through the use of a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC):
    Web-based internet products interact through a browser, going through the IIS and then down to the operating system on the server. Web-based applications not only have server layers of programming to go through, they also have to go through security at each level, and this not only slows the computing down but it also adds an element of security risk at each level. Additional security risks are created because of the demand for new technology forces faster development and insufficient testing, and we believe that using a well-tested application, such as the RDC is more secure. Lumos is built to the highest standards of integrity and security.
  2. Multi-Lingual capabilities within the same program:
    Because of the unique design of the program incorporating 1, 2, 3 or 20 languages within the same program is possible. Users from around the world can use the program and same data in their own language. Other programs touting multilingual actually have different versions of the program and cannot access the data of the other programs. Good News for your business
  3. Analytics Instrumentation (xAPI):
    The Cloudware Lumos Total Business Management and Accounting Platform is more than merely competitive and current, with its clearly-superior universal access, multi-platform, multilingual and collaborative features. Cloudware now raises the bar even higher as the first adopter in the industry of the very latest in experiential user analytics instrumentation.
  4. Integrated officeware modules that replace the need for multiple software programs:
    Cloudware is more than an accounting program with its integrated additional modules that when used as a whole, can replace virtually all of the office software in the company.
  5. A comprehensive solution with no need to purchase annual upgrades:
    There is only one current version, constantly updated seamlessly. No upgrades for the customer to install and no new versions to purchase.  No need for data silos and no data migration issues. Updates are automatically installed on the server so that all users are on the most recent version. An accountant simply logs on to the server to run the reports without any exporting and importing, and would not need to keep several years/versions of their customers software and drive to their office to pick it up.
  6. Ease of use with limited user knowledge:
    In most accounting software the novice user only uses 10% of the program because the rest needs an accountant’s knowledge. Cloudware products are designed to allow the users to work in their comfort zone and in the own part of the company’s workflow. The system is all data-centric, using simple single entry where all information is tied together throughout for all concurrent users.

Lumos System Notes:

  • Quick setup. A Lumos system can be up and running in a few minutes because there is no software to install. The implementation process is also easier for companies with multiple locations or remote workers who can all have access to the same version of the application simultaneously.
  • Anytime access from anywhere with an Internet connection, which naturally also makes it easy for employees to work remotely from their normal workplace, if required.
  • Lower upfront costs. Instead of paying a license fee and for annual maintenance, we allow users to pay as they go. We have a one-time setup fee and minimum user levels of 3, 5 and 10, after which customers can easily add more individual users. We can offer our products at a lower cost in this situation because our systems are built to allow several customers to share infrastructure (both servers and storage areas) in a way that is transparent to users and does not allow those customers access to each other’s data.
  • Minimal maintenance. We take responsibility for maintaining the program and servers. In an on-premise environment, the customer would normally pay for the hardware, storage space and IT personnel to maintain the system in addition to the software. In this cloud environment, Cloudware fronts those costs, so a larger percentage of the total cost of ownership by the customer shifts away from hardware and people and toward the productive use of the system solution.
  • Reduced support costs. Rather than companies having to employ in-house experts for product support, Cloudware typically provides support directly for the customer.
  • Reallocation of resources. IT staff can be reallocated for more strategic projects, rather than spending time on upgrades and maintenance of operations systems.
  • Regular and unobtrusive upgrades. Cloudware regularly tweaks its products. In many cases, those internal enhancements are made automatically in the background without disrupting the customer’s work. For customer-facing functional changes, typically we provide advance notice to alert customers and give them the option of when to turn new features on or off, if they don’t need them or aren’t ready to upgrade.
  • Disaster recovery and backup. One of the costs incurred by customers who keep their data on-premise is backing up their data, typically via tape or by contracting a third-party backup provider. This is another area covered by our company in a cloud environment. Often vendors have redundant backup systems so that customer data is replicated in a separate data center in case of fire, flood or other disaster. The infrastructure is “self-healing” so that when a failure occurs and the backup becomes the primary source of information, the system launches a new backup instance of the data.

Our Company:

Cloudware teamFounded by Barrie J. Osborne in April, 2010, Cloudware has been in business for just over four years, adopting the name Lumos and trademarking the term Total Business Management to describe its product line. The company began as a programming project to develop an accounting system that would remediate the majority of the vagaries that exist in the more popular software programs currently available. The basic bookkeeping Lumos product (often known as ‘CloudBooks’) has grown in scope to become a Total Business Management and Accounting Platform that will be the only programming suite that a business will need to administer its financial and management processes.

Using current methodology and anticipating industry trends, Cloudware has also developed the Lumos Platform to be completely cloud-based and customizable for any business, in any industry. Currently, Cloudware has three main products, the third is Lumos Pro which facilitates delivery of professional financial services by CPAs.  All the Lumos products include the innovative and exclusive Multi-Lingual Interface, Audit Dump and Analytical Instrumentation that make the products unique and open to a truly international marketplace.

Cloudware TBM Sample Screens

Lumos System Login                                      Lumos Pro Control Panel                                 Lumos System Main Menu

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