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Cloudware TBM …the only software platform you will ever need…

At Cloudware LLC we have spent the last four and a half years developing a cloud-based Total Business Management platform for the complete financial and administrative operations of any size of business, in any industry.

Business Management

All the operations within the Cloudware TBM platform are fully integrated and there is no longer any need to purchase a multitude of software programming to perform the functionality of your business…we literally ‘Do It All’. Some of the programming that has been fully integrated into the platform is:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Document Management
  • Interactive Inventory
  • Interactive Calendar
  • Message Center
  • Employee Center

The stars of the show are our proprietary:

  • Audit Dump
  • Multi-Lingual Interface

With the addition of the newly adopted:

  • xAPI Experiential Analytics

Throughout our development to we have concentrated on curing the vagaries of accounting programs that are currently flooding the marketplace by:

  • Multiple users working in the same system module and performing their tasks at the same time with no conflicts,
  • Making changes to system preferences without having to revert to single user mode to do so,
  • Having all employees, clients, subsidiaries and branches on the same system at the same time, again with no conflicts,
  • Access data from any Internet connected location, any Wi-Fi device using standard platform and tools,
  • Working with any Operating System, allowing users to be connected with no compatibility issue or specialized hardware requirements,
  • An “Audit Dump” program that allows the user organization to deal with any external, or regulatory audit without interruption in the workplace,
  • Multi-level security,
  • A Multi-Lingual Interface that allows for companies to communicate and do business in any country, in any language and in any currency by using form, text and currency translation in real time.
  • Analytics Instrumentation, a forward looking innovation that will offer users enhanced evidence of compliance, options for procedural supervision, and collection of actionable management data.

Cloudware TBM programming comes in three formats:

  • TBM (CloudBooks) – for the small to mid-size business accounting and administrative functions allowing plenty of room for growth.
  • TBM Pro – for the CPA and professional firms, enabling them to setup clients and access them through one central control panel.
  • TBM Platform – for any business and scalable to the large, multi-divisional corporation with no limits to the number of users.

Cloudware TBM System Integration

This is a short article that clearly ‘blows our own trumpet’ but, like they say – what is the point of having ‘it’ if you don’t flaunt ‘it’. Because all of our platform have the availability of the Multi-Lingual Interface and the xAPI Experiential Analytics business can be totally global in their outlook and are able to ‘drill down’ into their data to produce analytics that will provide even more efficiency and profitability.

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