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Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting is a revolution in the way business is being done. Huge corporate giants of the world that are investing in remote work systems are gradually shifting to cloud based accounting from the traditional on-premises based accounting. There are huge advantages to it. It does not matter where the accounting is done as long as there is data security and the work is completed with quality. However, many corporations have concerns on data security, the very concept of which — according to one school of thought — is a myth. However, with Cloud Accounting your records are stored securely with no loss of information, even if your physical location is destroyed. With a software based product at your location (aka ‘on-premise’), all your records may be lost from your computers or you are paying outside services for data backup. As a Lumos customer, your business alone determines who will have access to your data. By setting user permissions, staff will only utilize what they need and remote access will not endanger your business. Records will not become the victim of a virus; and a malicious hacker would have a hard time penetrating the servers that hold the company records.

Cloudware cloud accounting - managing complexity

Improving productivity, increasing transparency and reducing costs will remain a priority in the way business performance is viewed even in the economic recovery phase. CPA and professional firms, as well as the finance and accounting function in mid-sized, and small businesses, will respond to this need by adopting cloud based financial applications. But it does not stop there. Finance and accounts departments of larger companies will also look toward cloud accounting with the same objective. It goes further than this too. Even bigger advantages are waiting to be tapped by engaging accountants from around the globe, especially from lower cost destinations. While it is true that cloud based applications will usher in the era of cloud accounting, it must be noted that accountants need to also be transformed to cloud accountants to maximize the objective of improving productivity, increasing transparency and reducing costs.

Utilizing the Cloud concentrates the focus on business flow rather than software. Businesses don’t have to use valuable IT resources to support their business systems. They can save money by reducing the IT cost structure or utilize the IT resources to focus on business initiatives while leaving the Cloud to worry about scalability, security, up-time, application maintenance and system upgrades. And as the business operations increase, they never outgrow the cloud accounting resources.

Lumos by Cloudware. Cloudware has been in business for four years and, using current methodology and industry trends, its original accounting and bookkeeping products have grown in scope to become a ‘Total Business Management and Accounting Platform’ that is completely cloud based and can be customized for any business, in any industry. The Lumos Platform product is positioned in the high end of the market in terms of quality and in the low-medium range of the market in terms of price.

Currently, Lumos by Cloudware has three main product versions, each of which supports the innovative, exclusive and proprietary Multi-Lingual Interface and Audit Dump, also offering Experiential Analytic Instrumentation:

  1. The flagship product is the accounting and financial programming that is to be marketed under the name Lumos and retaining the appellation of “CloudBooks,” which was originally programmed specifically to meet the growing needs of the mid-sized and small business marketplace.
  2. Lumos Pro was developed to allow CPAs and other financial services entities to service a portfolio of clients from a single dashboard. TBM Pro improves productivity by allowing remote access and avoiding the need for various installed legacy versions of software that clients normally use.
  3. The third product is the total business management and accounting platform that is to be marketed under the name Lumos Platform, and has been designed to be customized for any size of business, in any industry.

Lumos by Cloudware will target three main customer groups:

  • Businesses that currently use off-the-shelf accounting and business administration products and are unhappy with their product.
  • Business owners who desire greater control of the way their businesses are being run.
  • Businesses that are, or desire to be, international, for whom the Multi-Lingual Interface programming will allow for the Lumos products to be totally global and fully functional in any country.

Key Features of Lumos:

  • Is operated through the Internet cloud and needs no local user application software
  • Is truly mobile and responsive and is available anywhere
  • Compatible with any operating system and needs no IT resources
  • It maximizes efficiency
  • It has multi-level security
  • It has multi-user concurrent access without any conflicts
  • It allows you more time to actually work your business, therefore increasing profitability
  • It is very user friendly and cost effective (employees can work in their comfort zone)
  • It incorporates Analytic Instrumentation that allows for greater in-depth data analysis
  • It has a Multi-Lingual Interface that makes any business truly global

The concept behind Lumos programming is simple.

It lets you run your business financial and administrative applications from wherever you are, at any time; at your desk or in your theater seat, at home or on the beach without having to buy or install software or maintain your own servers. Lumos is “always on,” making it easy to grow your business and support remote workers and locations, or support a highly mobile sales or service team. The program allows people to access the cloud accounting program any time, day or night; from any browser, desktop or mobile device around the globe, 24/7. Lumos replaces the need for business accounting software for small businesses, on-line accounting software and all accounting software programs.

Business Products and Services.

Cloudware offers the following cloud-based programming modules in its products:

  • Lumos Platform

    A total business management and accounting platform that is customizable for all businesses with unlimited users, and is inclusive of the following available modules: Comprehensive Accounting and Financial programming; Interactive Inventory; Audit ‘dump’ program; Document management; Contact management; Merchant services; Bar coding; GPS tracking and mapping; Shopping cart integration; Scheduling and routing; Point of Sale programming; Web-cam security; Email integration; Interactive calendar; Analytics Instrumentation; Multi Lingual Translation with real-time currency conversion

  • Lumos (CloudBooks) & Lumos Pro

    A full service accounting and bookkeeping suite for small/medium businesses, and professional accountants, that is inclusive of the following modules: Comprehensive Accounting and Financial programming; Interactive Inventory; Audit ‘dump’ program; Document management; Contact management; Interactive calendar; Analytics Instrumentation; Multi Lingual Translation with real-time currency conversion.

The above program modules can be customized to meet the requirements of any business, in any industry.

Cloudware Today

The Lumos programming, with Multi-Lingual Interface and Analytic Instrumentation, is now in the final development stage. Cloudware future plans include the completion of the development of the full Lumos Platform module complement — essentially the finalization of the Multi-Lingual Interface and Analytics Instrumentation development.

While there are competitors at all levels of the Cloudware offerings, regional, national and international, there are few direct rivals to the comprehensive functional scope of the Cloudware product line. This advantage allows the opportunity for Cloudware to establish itself as the provider of the premier Business Management and Accounting Platform.

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Managing Risk, Maximizing Opportunity.

The greatest risks associated with our business today are the ever changing methods employed in the technology industry. At Cloudware we feel we can overcome these risks because of:

  1. Delivering high quality programming that is set apart from any others in value and performance.
  2. Maintaining superior levels of security for user data and information under HIPAA guidelines.
  3. Providing superior customer service and technical support.
  4. Increasing net income margins in an overhead rich environment.
  5. Bringing new programming and products into the mix to increase sales volume.
  6. Placing high emphasis on the innovative and proprietary Multi-Lingual Interface.
  7. Introducing the innovative xAPI Experiential Analytic Instrumentation.

The biggest recognized opportunities for Cloudware will be:

The inclusion of Multi-Lingual Interface. Users of other programs are able to purchase software versions for varying functions, and in different languages, however these versions are individual and do not integrate with any other software or language. Because the Lumos programming is server-based and works through the cloud we have been able to correct this situation and write our programs so that they not only integrate, but they can be changed as often as the user likes, and internal documents can be analyzed and translated on the fly.

Analytic Instrumentation. This forward-looking innovation will offer customers enhanced evidence of compliance, options for procedural supervision, and collection of actionable management data. For the future, analytics of operations will also enable better management of staff development, task assistance and training requirements. Employees can be recognized for their expertise and diligence, and CEOs will have more reassurance about day-to-day operations and focus on optimization.

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