Multi-Lingual Interface

Cloudware Multi-Lingual Interface (MLI) is software written to integrate with the Lumos (CloudBooks), Lumos Pro and Lumos Platform product line, and is exclusive to Cloudware Lumos Total Business Management.

Unlike other business administration and accounting programs that have separate versions in various languages, the Cloudware Multi-Lingual User Interface supports national languages within one version and eliminates the need for separate software products for each language and consequent data migration.

Cloudware Lumos Total Business Management and Accounting platform is an ‘operating system’ for businesses and it works with any desktop computer, laptop, notebook, and mobile device regardless of the native operating system of that device.

Lumos MLI Concepts

Cloudware Multi-Lingual Interface has been specifically designed and written to facilitate the operation and administration of any business in any language:

The following text outlines the Multi-Lingual Interface functions once the user company is setup in any Lumos system:

  • At the initial login the user company can select the desired system default language. A company with several locations and satellite offices in overseas countries can select the languages for those offices. This allows business to be seamless in each location.
  • Overseas satellite offices (or any combination of foreign and domestic locations with differing language preferences) can translate and transmit their documents, reports and notes to the main office in its home language. Conversely the main office can translate all data to the overseas satellite offices in their individual languages. This allows for a continuity of business with fewer errors caused by misinterpretation due to language difference.
  • Both within the main office and the overseas satellite offices, each individual user is also able to set their system to the language of their choice without causing a conflict of use. The main office would be able to assign their employees to individual overseas satellite offices’ business without concern for language translation errors. Those main office employees would be able to translate documents, reports and information back to the main office language.

For the first time companies are able to fully integrate their business with any language, in any country.

Examples of the advantages to businesses (using any Lumos product) include the ability to prepare a document (i.e. Sales Estimate, Sales Invoicing, Customer Statement, and Vendor Purchase Order etc.) in the main system language. When the document is complete it can be translated into the language of the receiving business by selecting the language from the drop down box. Once the language has been selected, the document will be translated into that language.

From this point the document can be processed for printing, or it can be emailed directly to the client/customer. This alleviates any discrepancy in interpretation as the client/customer will receive documents in their language of choice. Should the document require alterations or amendments MLI will be able to ‘reverse translate’ the document to record the changes in the system.

Note: Also in this scenario is the translation of currency which will be performed in real time and linked to a currency exchange rate program that will update currency values in real time.

There are no limitations to the number of companies, or users that would be able to use different languages within the same company system. Neither is there a limitation on the number of languages available within the Multi-Lingual User Interface programming.

Translation of system documents will be carried out in ‘real time’ as the data entry for each document is completed translation of free text box entries will carry a delay of approximately one half of a second due to the text being subjected to ‘true translation’ managed by an integral software translation program

It is estimated that each separate language available in the system will contain some 5,000 words in its system dictionary. This is expected to cover all set parameters within the system for each language. Additions such as notes and text boxes will be translated using coding linked to true translation software programming in order that the resulting translations are accurate, and idiomatic.

Cloudware TBM Multi-Lingual Interface world languages

MLI Status

MLI (along with the rest of the Cloudware Lumos platform) is entering its final development verification phase, with the design, mapping and planning already completed. The system has been fully tested in Latin American Spanish. Preliminary work on German, French, Malay and Brazilian Portuguese has commenced.

It is estimated that each new language would only take 5-7 business days to be added to the Lumos platform, when mature.



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