Total Business Management, International Appeal


Based in Orlando, Florida, Cloudware has been in business since it was founded by Barrie J. Osborne in April, 2010 and subsequently trademarked the term Total Business Management and the name CloudBooks for its product line.

The company began as a programming project to develop an accounting system that would take care of the majority of the vagaries that exist in the more popular software programs currently available. Using current methodology and industry trends the original CloudBooks has grown in scope to become TBM — the Total Business Management and Accounting Platform that will be the only programming suite that a business will need to administer its financial and management processes and can be customized for any business, in any industry.

Currently, Cloudware has three main products, each of which supports the innovative and exclusive Multi-Lingual Interface, Audit Dump and Analytical Instrumentation that make the products unique and open to a truly international marketplace:

  • TBM (‘CloudBooks’) – Accounting and financial programming
  • TBM Pro – Financial service professionals’ client dashboard
  • TBM Platform – Comprehensive total business management and accounting solution


Cloudware Team

Cloudware Founder - Barrie Osborne

Barrie J. Osborne is responsible for the designing, planning and mapping of the Cloudware TBM products. Barrie has an MBA in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics and has practiced as an accountant and as an auditor in the world of accounting and finance for 40 years. Barrie’s leadership allows Cloudware to comprehend the real-world requirements of business administration and at the same time seek to change the rules that define their current limitations.

Cloudware Head Programmer - Mark Amell

Mark Amell graduated from the University of Connecticut with three bachelor degrees in Computer Science, earned a Masters’ degree in Computer Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology (the first such degree granted by this institute), and has over 25 years of programming experience.  Mark brings this wealth of experience and insight to the Cloudware system architecture development and module implementation ensuring their functionality and security.



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