(CloudBooks) vs QuickBooks Comparison

Our research performed the following benchmark comparison of Cloudware Lumos (CloudBooks) capabilities against what has been considered the market-leading business accounting software — QuickBooks by Intuit:

CloudBooks Global AccessCloudware Lumos is a cloud-based business management and accounting platform that requires no software to be loaded onto computers, servers, laptops, etc. meaning that there is reduced vulnerability to loss of data through virus infection or hacking. With CloudBooks the user is even immune from disasters that may destroy the office, computer, or server.
QuickBooks remains vulnerable, even the ‘online’ services are not safe from attack.

No multiple user conflicts with CloudBooks
Cloudware Lumos is a business management and accounting platform that has no conflict with multiple users being in the system at the same time, working in the same module. Cloudware Lumos does not have to ‘switch’ to a single user mode in order to make company data updates or preference changes.
QuickBooks has a problem with making company or preference changes in its system when the user is in ‘multi-user’ mode. The user has to get other users to logoff so that the changes can be made in ‘single user’ mode … a big inconvenience.

CloudBooks works on anything, anywhere
Cloudware Lumos will work on any computer, laptop, notebook, tablet, smart phone and iPad, and can work anywhere, at any time and on any operating system.
QuickBooks works only on equipment where software can be installed, and their ‘online’ version does not fully utilize all the nuances of their software program.

CloudBooks has no additional fees
Lumos is ‘cloud accounting’ programming and, once the setup charge has been paid and the monthly user fees are in place, it is always fully available online for no additional charge and no update or annual fees.
QuickBooks charges for the initial software and online accounting programs, with monthly user fees, and also charges for updates and annual upgrades.

Audit Dump avoids disruptionCloudware
Lumos has the ‘Audit Dump’ which allows users to provide information that is specific to any regulatory audit, covering only the period under review. This means that the business is safe from unauthorized scrutiny, and there is the minimum of disturbance to employees in their work.
QuickBooks has no such facility and, therefore, typically exposes the whole of the users business and financial data to an auditors review. This has the potential for additional and unnecessary exposure.

CloudBooks offers fully interactive inventory
Lumos has an interactive inventory system that is simple to set up and even easier to use. All inventory tasks can be completed from the same module, including tracking, requisitioning, adjustments, and ordering.
QuickBooks also has a comprehensive inventory system but it is not ‘user friendly’, and is under-used because it is cumbersome and difficult to understand.

CloudBooks has a whole world of business functionsCloudware
Lumos has additional functions that include: ‘internal messaging system’, ‘integrated CRM’, ‘document management’, ‘route optimization’, ‘mapping and scheduling’, ‘interactive calendar’, ‘merchant services’, ‘bar-coding’, ‘POS’, and ‘GPS Tracking’.
QuickBooks has some of the above programming, but mostly they use third party software and programming and the integration is difficult.

Multi-Lingual capability turns CloudBooks globalCloudware
Lumos features an exclusive ‘multi-lingual’ user interface that allows the user to select which language they want their system to be set up in, and also allows them to translate documents within the system to the language of the customer or vendor.
QuickBooks has versions of their program in different languages but they do not integrate.

CloudBooks is first with Experiential Analytics
Cloudware Lumos is an adopter of xAPI Analytic Instrumentation. This forward-looking innovation will offer customers enhanced evidence of compliance, options for procedural supervision, and collection of actionable management data. The initial concentration for the Cloudware Lumos xAPI module will be Human Resources, Asset Management, and Production Control.
QuickBooks has no capabilities for experiential analytics in any of its software products.


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