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Pain Relief

In October 1, 2014

I can say from experience that the only good thing about pain is when it stops – and then perhaps you can appreciate everything that is good in your life all the more. This philosophical insight (such as it is) came to mind last week when one of our potential investment partners asked us:
“What market pain does your product / service solve?”

Though this could be construed as a figurative turn of phrase and a pro forma question, we are grateful that they asked. This is because taking it more at face value turned out to be a valuable thought process and has enabled us to restate the mission of our company in human terms, which is my thesis here, as an inaugural blog post.

Being in business is painful at times – hence the saying “no pain, no gain” – right? Well, the big, entirely negative part of the picture is the stress caused by uncertainty and worry about business operations – and the possibility of bad news being revealed in the company accounts. Much is written about this — try Googling this subject…  the results are all too plentiful.

Chaos exists in most businesses
Noted Business Organizer, Elizabeth Potter has written about drawing a distinction between ‘fast-paced’ and ‘chaotic’ characteristics of a company and that (despite often providing excellent products and services) “chaos isn’t fine—it’s not good for you, your employees, or your business” — and (of course) she recommends the creation of appropriate systems and adoption of good tools to bring order to the enterprise.


One statistic that resonates with me, and my own experience: It has been reported that 78% of business owners have not been able, or willing, to take an annual vacation in over 8 years, based on their continuing management and control concerns about their business. The consequences of this are far-reaching and serious – and Cloudware wants to help.

At the highest conceptual level then, Cloudware’s mission is to relieve the stress of business owners and managers that is caused by uncertainty in controlling operations and ensuring fiscal propriety and timely compliance. The continuing focus of our company will be to provide that reassurance and therefore liberate resources to allow our customers to focus on business optimization and innovation.

TBM is conceived to be powerful, simple and somewhat disruptive because:

Our goal is to produce good accounting as a by-product of improved business management – instead of it being a separate burden and issue of concern.  A greater measure of peace-of-mind is probably the most valuable commodity we can deliver.

Life with CloudBooks by Cloudware
We are ready to justify our claims and follow up on our vision. I invite you to gather more information about our product line and view our investment prospectus.  — and remember that when you have headaches, it’s better to treat the cause than just the symptoms.


Barrie J. Osborne, Founder and CEO

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